QQ: Do you need a chimney cap?

by Bee Green Pest Control

What is a chimney cap?

A chimney cap is a metal cover that goes over the top of your chimney. It usually consists of a solid covering that goes over the top of your chimney, with steel or copper mesh covering the sides. This design allows smoke to billow out through the mesh but prevents things from falling down into your chimney from the top. Chimney caps come in a very wide variety of designs, or you could have one custom made for a home with a unique style that you want to preserve.

What does it protect against?

The solid metal piece over the top of the chimney cap keeps out things like rain, hail, twigs, or any other debris from accidentally falling down your chimney. This prevents water damage that could potentially come from the rain and elements, as well as a blocked flu that could come from debris getting stuck. It also prevents things like downdrafts, which can cause fire to act erratically inside the fireplace, or let extra cold or warm air inside the house when the fire is unlit, causing your energy bill to go up.

The mesh coverings on the side allow smoke to get out, but prevents animals from intentionally trying to get into your chimney. These could be anything from birds to squirrels to raccoons, all of which you do not want living (and possibly dying) in your chimney.

So, do you need a chimney cap?

You should absolutely have a chimney cap installed if you don’t already have one. They can save you thousands of dollars of potential property damage, as well as the pain of having to live through repairs or wildlife removal.

This time of year, you’re probably suffering if you don’t have a chimney cap. As animals look for warm, safe places to overwinter, you may be experiencing odd noises or smells coming from your chimney. If you think you may be dealing with wildlife in your chimney, attic, crawlspace, walls, or anywhere in your house, call the professionals to get help! Contact Bee Green Pest Control

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