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For those who love the great outdoors in the Lowcountry, summer can be the best time of year. The days are long and hot, the nights are pleasantly warm, and there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy like yard work, boating and meals on the back deck.

But sometimes those summertime activities come with a downside. The summer season is also prime time for mosquitoes in Savannah. No one enjoys being bitten by mosquitos and no one likes dealing with them when you’re trying to enjoy your yard or back deck. Especially your children.

Suffering the pain of a mosquito bite is bad enough, but when you know that these parasites harbor some pretty awful diseases, the problem is even worse. If you want to fight the bite and enjoy the summer mosquito-free, you need to take some proactive measures to protect your property and yourself!

Protecting Your Property in Savannah from Mosquitos

Mosquito bite prevention starts with protecting your home and yard, Here are some tips you can use to keep mosquitoes from calling your property their home.

  • Scour your home for sources of standing water. It is easy to miss standing water around your home, so be vigilant and search for places where standing water, and mosquito larvae, could hide.
  • Turn over pet bowls when not in use. Water bowls for pets are common mosquito breeding grounds, so empty them out and turn them over when Fluffy or Fido has had their fill.
  • Clean out birdbaths on at least a weekly basis, and preferably daily. Birdbaths are among the most common homes for mosquito larvae, and cleaning them out will dislodge the baby mosquitoes before they have a chance to bite.
  • Fill in holes in your landscape. If you have been removing trees as part of your spring landscaping project, be sure to fill in any remaining holes before the summer season arrives. Check the spots where trees have been for puddles and other evidence of standing water and make the necessary improvements.
  • Keep your lawn clean and free of debris and mow the grass on a regular basis. Adult mosquitoes can hide in grass as they seek out their next victim.
  • Add fish to your ornamental ponds. Fish are attractive and fun to look at, but they also love to feed on mosquito larvae. Adding a few fish to your ornamental ponds will provide an all-natural form of pest control.

Protecting Your Family from Mosquitos

Protecting your family and property from mosquitoes is important, but it is just as important to protect yourself when you go outdoors. Mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk, but they can bite anytime, so pay close attention to these basic safety precautions all summer long.

  • Use strong scents sparingly. Strongly-scented perfumes, hand lotions and other personal care products can attract mosquitoes, so use these items sparingly in the summer months.
  • Limit outdoor exposure at dawn and dusk. Mosquitoes are most active in the pre-dawn and pre-dark hours, so stay inside at these times if you can.
  • If you must go outside during dawn and dusk, give yourself an extra spray of mosquito repellent. Choose a good repellent with a high DEET content.
  • Wear light-colored and loose-fitting clothing during the summer months. Mosquitoes see dark colors more easily, so light-colored clothing makes you less of a target.
  • Add a large fan to your outdoor living space. Placing a powerful fan on your deck or patio will move the air around and make it harder for mosquitoes to land on you and your guests. If you have a gazebo or other outdoor structure, consider rigging it up with a ceiling fan.
  • Keep an eye out for mosquitoes and up your property preparation efforts when populations increase. If you suddenly see swarms of mosquitoes on the deck or patio, you may have missed a source of standing water that they are using for a breeding site.

Even the most dedicated outdoor enthusiast would rather not deal with mosquitoes and the painful bites they leave behind. If you love summer, but not summer parasites now is the time to protect yourself and your property. Incorporating the above tips into your summer prep is a great way to fight the bite.

For mosquito control, Bee Green Pest Solutions has a Mosquito Misting Service which treats your yard and the perimeter and is effective for up to 30 days. With our method we can be detailed and meticulous to ensure every inch of your yard in the Greater Savannah area is covered and protected. Bee Green Pest Solutions mosquito program is designed to eliminate mosquitoes, and to create a barrier to prevent mosquitoes from further intrusions.

To learn more about how Bee Green Pest Solutions can protect you and your loved ones from mosquitoes in Savannah, call us at 912.429.3995.

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