Savannah Rats | You call it a Rat we call it a Rodent

Savannah Rats | You Call It A Rat We Call It A Rodent | Rat & Rodent Control in Savannah

How to Recognize When Rats/Rodents Have Invaded Your Home And What You Can Do About It

Rats have long been linked to disease and filth and were famously blamed for the Black Death, which laid waste to Europe centuries ago. Savannah has had its share of river rats and marsh rats, that have wreaked havoc with both residential and commercial properties from the surrounding islands to historic downtown.

What to Look For

– Rats love to chew, especially electrical wiring, and it’s estimated that a quarter of unexplained house fires are caused by gnawing rodents.

– Natural burrowing behaviors can cause damage to your home’s foundations.

– If they can access your food store, they’ll destroy it through a combination of eating and contamination.

– Cornered rats can be notoriously vicious, presenting a physical danger to children and pets.

– Rats may not be behind the Black Death, but they’re capable of spreading many other diseases through their bacteria-infested droppings, fleas, and other parasites.

Spotting the Signs of a Rat Problem

Rats don’t tend to hide their presence particularly well, and if a family of rats moves into your property, you’re likely to notice several of the following signs:

– Visible droppings, alongside a musky urine scent.

– Unexplained gnawing damage to wiring or wooden fixtures.

– Sounds of scurrying or scratching behind your walls, under your floors, or in your attic space.

– Clear signs of rat movements, including tracks worn across floors, and greasy marks on walls as the rodents squeeze past.

How to Deal With a Rat Infestation in Savannah

If you’ve identified ratty invaders to your home, what can you do about it?

You can forget about enlisting the help of a friendly feline. Domestic cats are mostly too well-fed and mollycoddled to be effective against a serious rodent infestation. They may happily hunt a mouse or two for amusement, but when faced with a large angry rat, most will quickly realize they’re out of their league.

This leaves two traditional options you can employ yourself: trapping and poisoning.

Old-fashioned traps use lethal force to deal with individual rats, which leaves the tricky problem of disposing of the bodies. This isn’t ideal for the squeamish, and there are also very real health risks from handling the deceased rodents. More modern traps may leave the animal alive, which many will find more ethical, but figuring out what to do with a live and livid rodent is perhaps even more difficult.

Poisoning offers the same problems of carcass disposal as lethal trapping, with the added disadvantage that you can’t control where the unfortunate animals expire – in the worst cases, following your nose may be the only way to discover the corpses. However, toxins also introduce a far more serious problem: the danger of inadvertently poisoning other more innocent animals including neighborhood pets, or unthinkably, children.

Time to Call In the Professionals

If neither DIY trapping nor poisoning seem like solutions you’d want to try, the best option is to call in a professional pest control company like Bee Green Pest Solutions. We have the expertise to carry out both operations in safety and will handle all the more unpleasant aspects of the job, whether that involves removing the rats dead or alive.

Just as importantly, we’ll be able to tell you how the rodents came to invade your home in the first place, so that you can take steps to stop it happening again.

‘Live and let live’ may be a fine ideal, but when it comes to sharing your home with rats, most people will definitely draw a solid red line. If you want to quickly, safely, humanely, and permanently deal with the problem, call Bee Green Pest Solutions in Savannah for the best rodent removal in Savannah. We are professionals at removing marsh rats.

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