What Bugs Come Out in Spring?

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Spring Bugs in Georgia

With spring quickly approaching, everyone is excited about being able to get outside, hear the birds, and see the new spring blooms. But one more thing that we all need to be looking out for is spring bugs! Seasonal bugs like mosquitos, fleas & ticks, termites, and bees & wasps are coming, and now is the time to prepare. Here, we’ve got the information you need to do just that.

Fleas & Ticks

These bugs are most prominent in the spring and fall, since they love humid weather between 65° and 80°F. When not on your pet, fleas prefer to live in dark, wet spaces like in fallen leaves in your yard. Ticks also come out in spring but tend to be later in the season, and usually hang around in tall grass so they can attach themselves to passing animals. For both these pests, keeping your yard clean and clear, mowed and raked, should do the trick.


Termites are some of the most recognizable of the spring bugs since they swarm in the spring, meaning that’s when most people will notice they have a problem with these pests. Workers in the termite colony are always active, but are unseen. Reproductive members of the colony (swarmers) are typically only seen in spring. If you are experiencing a swarm, you’ll see hundreds of bugs that resemble ants with wings that will appear seemingly overnight. Termites are drawn to light, so they will commonly be seen congregating around windows or doorways, trying to get outside. Keep an eye out after a heavy rain, when it usually warms up, and these pests become active. Due to the destructive nature of these insects, it's best to call for professional termite control at the first sign of activity.

Hornets, Bees, & Wasps

Wasps & hornets are dormant in the winter. When the queen wakes in the spring, she makes a new nest and begins laying eggs. The goal in preparing for these flying menaces will be to remove any sources of food for the wasps from around your house, including sealing your trash and compost. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for nests, and make sure you contact a professional to remove a nest if you do find any.


Mosquitos, although some may think of them as a summer bug, begin to emerge in March. To protect yourself against these little annoyances, the number one thing is to avoid standing water and keep your yard as clear of debris as possible. This means not only dumping and removing any buckets, tires, or old stuff in your yard that could hold water, but also making sure that you keep your yard raked! Mosquitos are so attracted to water that even curled-up leaves on the ground can hold enough for them to breed & live in your yard.

Need Help with Spring Bugs?

Sometimes no matter how prepared you are with prevention, the bugs can get a jump on you. If you find yourself struggling with spring bugs, contact a professional! We have experienced local exterminators all over the Savannah/Hilton Head area who can help you get your life and your home back. 

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