Construction Pest Control

BeeGreen Pest Solutions has built a strong foundation with the new home construction industry in and around Savannah, Georgia. Our focus is on getting results while staying attuned to our customer’s needs. Construction pest control can be vital to the success of your project, and BeeGreen has the professional experience to ensure you make it to the finish line pest-free.

The Georgia Building Code requires termite pest control for new home construction projects. Approved methods of new construction termite pest control include chemical soil treatments, pressure treated wood, naturally termite resistant wood or physical barriers like plastic termite shields. BeeGreen Pest Solutions employs the exact method or combination of methods that fits your specific construction project.

Construction Pest Control: What We Offer

  • Premise: a non-repellent pre-treatment termiticide that offers long-lasting protection from subterranean termites. Application sites include a foundation spray, driveways, pads, patios, and a final spray around the perimeter of the structure. This comes with a one-year limited warranty.
  • Bora-Care: a natural, long-lasting solution that works to rid new construction of wood destroying organisms. The application is done 2 feet up the interior wood framing. Bora-Care also comes with a one-year limited warranty.
  • Bora-Care with our Centralized Pest Tube System and Premise Perimeter Treatment: we install our effective pest tube system in the wet areas along the perimeter of your structure in addition to our Bora-Care and Premise applications. This is an unbeatable combination for combating termites in old and new construction.
  • Timbor: a complete wood frame application that includes the roof truss. Timbor must be applied before the drywall is installed. This pest control system protects against termites, wood-decaying fungi and other insects.

We have a fantastic reputation with the new construction industry because we offer a 2-hour emergency response time. There is no additional charge for this service, we just understand that sometimes you need us to respond almost immediately to new construction projects. Call us or fill out a contact form to get a quote for your new construction project today!

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