Pest Solutions


Savannah, GA Termite and Pest Control

Bee Green is your total termite and pest control solution. We are the area's top exterminators!
Our pest control services are superior to all of our competition. Our products and the way we apply them are safe for pets, children and plants/flowers.

​​Our goal is to keep you, your family, and your home pest-free and healthy. Unwanted pests can transmit disease and cause damage to your home. Utilizing a targeted environmentally sensitive approach, we will customize treatment of your home to eliminate your pest problems. Whether you have an ongoing pest issue or just wish to prevent one, we have the solution to meet your needs.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control

As your local pest control experts, Bee Green is serious in its commitment to provide natural, low-risk pest control with our innovative Green service.

We employ a targeted, environmentally-friendly, natural approach when treating your property.

We investigate the source of the problem – and eliminate it – before applying pesticides. We apply pesticides only when necessary.
At Bee Green Pest Solutions, we do what we say, when we say. You can remain confident in all of your interactions with us.
Look at our results from any angle, and you’ll see Bee Green Pest Solutions is a source for real quality. We’re continually pushing ourselves to raise the bar for how we define quality.

While Bee Green Pest Solutions is always striving to improve, we’ve never lost sight of good, old-fashioned customer service. You will find everyone on our staff to be friendly and responsive.