Pest Solutions

At Bee Green Pest Solutions, we do what we say, when we say. You can remain confident in all of your interactions with us.
Look at our results from any angle, and you’ll see Bee Green Pest Solutions is a source for real quality. We’re continually pushing ourselves to raise the bar for how we define quality.

While Bee Green Pest Solutions is always striving to improve, we’ve never lost sight of good, old-fashioned customer service. You will find everyone on our staff to be friendly and responsive.


About Savannah GA Pest Control

We believe in customer service above all else. Our customers are our business!  It is for this reason that our technicians are trained to ask about your individual needs and make sure your concerns are addressed.  

Eco-Friendly Pest Control

As your local pest control experts, Bee Green is serious in its commitment to provide natural, low-risk pest control with our innovative Green service.

We employ a targeted, environmentally-friendly, natural approach when treating your property.

We investigate the source of the problem – and eliminate it – before applying pesticides. We apply pesticides only when necessary.

Solving your pest problems!

Problem solving is the name of the game and it may often be something other than application of pest control products that meets your needs. We have the experience and knowledge base to identify alternative and additional solutions to your pest problems. Entry points, mechanical control, and the elimination of pest attractions are often needed to correct a pest problem and we have the experience to identify these situations.